ConneXions Tutoring started in March 2020 to alleviate the stresses of COVID-19. Our mission is to provide free ​tutoring services in all areas of study for students in grades K-12. We can help students struggling with homework, understanding concepts in class, as well as those seeking to get ahead of their course. From schoolwork to standardized test preparation to even college readiness, we have tutors that accommodate a wide range of topics. Students/parents can sign up by clicking on our 'Find a Tutor' page and then selecting a meeting time with their preferred tutor.


"My tutor was a great listener and took into account the perspective you learn from to help further your understanding on topics that you struggle on. I received tips on the ACT science section to look for certain statement headings to identify which ones were best to do first which helped a lot!”
- Student, 12th Grade

"I had such a nice and fun tutor. They helped me understand the material better and was very patient when I don't get something."
- Student, 7th grade

"My daughter really enjoys her weekly lessons with her tutor. Great tutor and made the lessons interesting and enjoyable. Thank you!"
- Parent of 3rd Grade Student

"My son got an A for his math quiz. He was so happy and me too. In case he is too shy to share the news with you, I think I’d better tell you myself :) I know he has long way to go. It’s not about the score. It’s more about his confidence. We are so lucky to have you here. Thank you!"
- Parent of 8th Grade Student


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