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Who We Are

We are a group of high school students who are passionate about teaching and helping others. Ranging from Sophomores to Seniors, the tutors at ConneXions Tutoring share a common goal of creating a comfortable academic environment for students of all backgrounds. Tutors hail from across country, collaborating together to create an online community of lifelong learners. Below, we recognize the students who dedicated their time to ConneXions Tutoring both as a tutor as well as those taking up leadership positions.



Ankitha Kumar

Founder, Executive Director (2020-2021)


Elaine Wang

Website Designer, Executive Director (2021-2022)


Avika Mathur

Executive Director (2022-2023)

Graduated Tutors

  • Claire Gilbert

    Outreach Lead

  • Uma Dukle
  • Anthea Cheng
  • Susanna Shenouda
  • Sujan Niroula
  • Prapthi Jayesh Sirrkay

    Co-Director of Tutoring

  • Ritvik Sriram

    Co-Director of Tutoring & Technology

  • Samyak Tiwari

    Communications Lead

  • Pooja Kasam

    Social Media Lead

  • Alissa Lin
  • Dhruv Bala
  • Nandu Kasireddy
  • Grace Barton
  • Aaryan Shukla
  • Areej Nazir
  • Akash Iyer
  • Neha Nayak
  • Danny Stumpf
  • Emily Richards